About us

Glendale Therapy & Associates has accumulated more than 30 years of valuable experience and satisfied customers which is the foundation we stand on to continue providing superior service in Glendale, California. We are a licensed board of behavioral scientists and member of marriage family therapists CA.

Professional Counseling in Glendale, CAvGlendale Therapy & Associates, has been operating in the greater Glendale CA area for a number of years now, providing excellent counseling and psychotherapy help. The center was founded by Roland A Frauchiger, M.A, MFT, who has an exceptional experience in counseling and psychotherapy. As a part of his extended knowledge in the field, we can point out that he was the creator of Glendale CA Information Referral Center for Therapy, and also he was executive director of network operations for 1-800- Therapist (323 area code).

We are happy to present you our counseling and psychotherapy services that cover a variety of diagnostic problems such as depression, mood & personality disorders, anxiety, domestic violence, family & relationship difficulties, pre- martial counseling, domestic violence, developmental disorders ecc.

The relationships we form with our clients are at the heart of our work. Our psychotherapy counseling and couples counseling services are conducted in a nonjudgemental, supportive atmosphere. Discussions in therapy are always confidential.

Call us today at (818) 869-4635 to arrange for an appointment.

Professional Psychotherapy Counseling In Glendale CAGlendale Therapy & Associates has a team of qualified therapists and marriage counselors with a great deal of experience helping people face emotional, personal and behavioural problems that are affecting their lives. We provide short and longer term therapy for individuals as well as couples. Female and male therapists are available.

Our mission is to help Glendale people improve their emotional well being, enhance their ability to engage in interpersonal relationships and to empower them with the tools necessary to take control of their lives. Glendale Therapy & Associates specializes in relationship issues.

Information & Referral Services
Because our priority has always been helping people, we have created Information & Referral Services. This is an easy way which allows everybody who can’t visit our center or who look for services, that, unfortunately we, are unable to provide, to get more details on their inquiries. Please feel fee to contact us on (818) 869-4635.

Fees & Insurance
Please note that we would require payment at the time of service. Credit card payments are NOT accepted.

We are aware that only some insurance companies reimburse for our service. Please, before arranging an appointment with us, make sure that your insurance company covers counseling and psychotherapy. In case it does, we will be delighted to prepare insurance statement of service, which you can later use for insurance reimbursement.

We will always work respectfully with all our customers as we do with all our colleagues. We do this in order to build a quality support system, get to the real problems and resolve them by offering the customer with practical recommendations and problem resolutions. Our client’s needs are our number one priority.

Areas we served: Glendale, Burbank, Silver Lake, Los Feliz, Echo Park.