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Orgone & Bioenergetic Therapy

If you suffer from depression, creative blocks, sexual dysfunction, anxiety, debilitating personality traits, this alternative therapy is exactly what you need because it intervenes through work, love and the ability to protect your health. Proven as extremely effective, this natural and organic mind and body approach, can help you restore your emotional health, your behavior and cognitive functioning.

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Efficient Mind and Body Therapy In Glendale CA

This method was developed by Wilhelm Reich, M.D., and popularized by Alexander Lowen, M.D in the 20th century. This therapy has been proved as extremely useful for many people who, because of the use of natural life energy, have successfully reached their potential level of function, Another very positive fact is that a number of people have let go or reduced their addiction to prescribed drugs or self-medication.

We would like to highlight that some people can’t lead normal life without medicines. At the same time, there are psychotherapists who do not prescribe pharmaceuticals in the very beginning. It has to be pointed out, that in our society medicines are prescribed for emotional, cognitive and behavioral symptoms. In the above mentioned cases, our physicians do not consider the scientific steady progress that has showed non-drug methods in eliminating a wide range of clinical symptoms by reaching their source.

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