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Trust may be difficult to build after years of separation and isolation. This is why Glendale Therapy & Associates developed specific techniques that will benefit couples while helping them improve as individuals too. Couples counseling sessions are focused on identifying the primary reasons for serious conflicts between partners, as well as fostering greater comprehension, promoting increased mutual acceptance, and giving the chance to broaden mutual support. Based in Los Angeles, CA, we pride ourselves on the exceptional services we offer our clients.

Benefits of Counseling for Couples

Counseling should be considered an investment in the future of your partnership. Choosing to undergo counseling is the first step toward improvement. Counseling for couples is a lot of work and it takes time to become better, however, we are here to make the process easier and healthier. The goal of the skills taught in each session is to help couples work through issues, create a better bond, and create a healthier relationship through mutual respect and understanding.

The Counseling Process

The initial therapeutic objective is to rebuild the marital or couple friendship in order to lessen the loneliness each partner might be experiencing in the relationship. The early sessions are commonly focused on opening up about each partner’s feelings and bringing to light underlying issues that are causing conflicts. We assist partners with coping with the conflicted and constantly-shifting emotions they feel about themselves and their spouse or partner, including feelings of betrayal, ambivalence, curiosity, and hurt toward the other person. Sometimes, arranging more than one session a week for a while is necessary depending on the specific topics in the relationship and the couple’s preference.

Learning to detect, control, and properly work through intense emotions is a primary therapy goal, especially in cases where open hostility and rage are significant concerns. We strive to provide our clients with effective communication tools that can be used before emotions take control of a person and sabotage their chances of having a constructive conversation with their spouse. Call Glendale Therapy & Associates now for your couples counseling session at (323) 944-0101 and learn how to resolve and move past relationship obstacles. Operating in Los Angeles, CA, we’re always ready to provide you with a beneficial counseling service.

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