Details About Our Services

This page contains details about our services. Read it to learn more about our work. At Glendale Therapy & Associates, we conduct our duties transparently and honestly as we want our patients to feel comfortable coming to us. Our professional attitude and culture have earned us the trust and friendship of many individuals and couples in Los Angeles, CA and we believe it will win us yours as well. We offer the following services:

Marriage Counseling

Marriage Counseling

Anger Management

At Glendale Therapy & Associates, we know that individuals can feel angry because of anxiety, depression, and other emotional and personality disorders. If your current state is interfering with your love life and career, come see us and we will find a remedy together. We use different programs, including domestic violence prevention techniques, to help people get back on the right path.

Couples Counseling

Many couples have requested our assistance over the years and we have helped most of them resolve their issues. Whether you feel ignored, misunderstood, or lonely because of your partner, we can and we will find the source of your problems and help you rekindle your love and affection for one another.

Family Counseling

Sometimes your problems can be with other members of your family such as your children, siblings, parents, or in-laws. Regardless of your case, we are prepared to aid you to straighten your differences and find harmony in your relationships with your loved ones.

Child Counseling

Use our child counseling services in Los Angeles, CA if your children are showcasing poor behavior or self-destructive tendencies. We work with patience, and we will give your kids the attention and support that they need to reveal their worries and fears.

Mind and Body Therapy

We offer alternative counseling and therapy that aim to heal both the mind and body so that you can be in harmony with yourself and your surroundings.

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