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Glendale Therapy & Associates
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 6 reviews
by Williams F. Radford on Glendale Therapy & Associates

These anger management sessions were transformative for me in learning how to manage my emotions and respond to stressors in a healthy way. I was provided with practical tools and strategies I could apply in real-life situations, which helped me to feel more in control of my reactions. I highly recommend anger management sessions to anyone struggling with emotional regulation.

by Gloria B. Lyons on Glendale Therapy & Associates
I Couldn’t Be Happier!

I highly recommend counseling to anyone struggling with personal issues or difficult life circumstances. The professional guidance and support provided by their specialist were life-changing for me. Thank you! 

by Bernadette J. Feldt on Glendale Therapy & Associates
Excellent Results

Our couples counseling therapist created a safe and supportive space for us to explore our communication issues and work on building a stronger connection. We learned valuable skills that have improved our relationship and deepened our love and respect for each other.

by Leticia A. Deal on Glendale Therapy & Associates

I appreciated the non-judgmental and compassionate approach of my counselor, which helped me work through my challenges with greater clarity and understanding. I highly recommend the services and psychotherapy sessions of this counselor. 

by Mary T. Perdue on Glendale Therapy & Associates
Thank You!

This specialist was a godsend for my partner and me. We were struggling financially and thought we wouldn't be able to afford the help we needed. But with affordable couples counseling, we were able to access professional support without breaking the bank. The quality of care was top-notch, and we are grateful for the support we received.

by Robert J. Miller on Glendale Therapy & Associates
The Help We Needed

Your counseling services helped my wife and me with our marital issues. Before we came to you, we were on the verge of divorce. Now, we are happier than ever and we are grateful for your aid! 

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